One of my goals when I bought my house over 10 years ago was to create a framework for a smarter home by ensuring each room had at least two network connections. WiFi in the late 2000's/early 2010's was flaky at best; so, I wanted to make sure that I could provide direct wired connections at full 1Gbps to each room even if those rooms would need small switches to connect each device. I found a 1,500ft of CAT6 on craigslist as well as a 24-port Gigabit (unmanaged) switch and got everything installed over the following six months. Over time, I would replace that switch with a decommissioned HP Procurve 48-port switch, but since it was from the last 2000's, it required a specific version of internet explorer and was not exactly easy to configure. I kept buying various pieces of equipment through 2020 and had a fair network, but it still didn't give me what I hoped for. I received a HP ML350P Gen 8 server from a hotel who no longer needed it, taught myself VMware, and the basics of managing some servers. 

Once 2021 rolled around, I was finally ready to start investing in my dream network. I started buying Ubiquiti's Unifi line of network equipment and deploying them as I could catch the pieces in stock or on sale. I even finally decided to ditch my XPenology NAS for an official Synology 8-bay NAS. Everything has been running great ever since. At this point, the main goal is to do some construction on my closet, which used to be an under stairs closet, low ceiling and all. Once I can find someone to help rip down those wall, widen my door, and help me build a custom door to install my AC Infinity Door Fans in, I will finally be able to make the final touches to my dream home network. 

Early 2022

This is my current network setup (for the most part). I have a few pieces of equipment sitting on the floor in my closet on a set of IKEA rollers. I am currently using two non-rack UPS. 

Current Rack Diagram1


Once I can get my network closet remodeled, I plan to swap out my 12U wall rack with either a 36U or 42U rack. This is my ideal network/server rack configuration with a few additional pieces of equipment I would like to pick up eventually; these additions are mostly for backup power and redundancy. 

Future Rack Diagram

September 2022 - New Rack!

In September 2022 while I was on vacation, I spotted someone was selling a 22U rack on Craigslist near Clarksburg. I arranged a time to pick it up once I got home. It was listed as a 25U rack, and I was a little disappointed when I got it home and noticed the slight difference. However, I was able to make everything by putting a few things on the back side of the rack in some open spaces. I still dream of getting a 36U rack, but this should definitely hold me over for a few years now that I at least have everything cleaned up.