I love technology. If I see a new shiny piece of technology, I really want to get my hands on it. When I was a kid, I used to take my radios, televisions, and video games apart to see how they worked and to regularly clean them. As an adult though, I find myself having so little time to really dig into new technology. I have to pick up new devices that have a direct purpose/use case for my day-to-day life.

For example, I love all the potential of the Raspberry Pi's and keep buying them, but in reality, I don't have a regular use for them. Sure, I have used them for my 3D Printers at one point to montior their statuses, but since I started working from home, I don't really need to monitor them since I sit in the same room with the printers during the work day (though keeping the 3d printers working is a whole other issue). I just find it so amazing that you can get such a functional computer in a small package.

Counter example, I have spent years fighting with my home network that I pieced together with various brands of equipment that were on sale on eBay, but in 2021, I decided I would finally invest in a uniform infrastructure (mostly) and shift to Ubiquiti equipment. I have loved learning how to use them, and even Amanda can attest to how few issues we have had with our network now beyond the random wireless issue from time to time. 

The only area I am consistently keeping up with the major technological revisions is video games systems. I have most of the major game systems since the 1980's with a few exceptions such as the Atari Jaguar CD, Neo Geo, Apple Pippin, and a few others that are just ridiculusly expensive.