Since I was child, I have dreamt of being a game designer. Video game design has always been my goal and is what lead me to my degrees in computer science, mathematics, and business. However, my limited skills in art (graphics and music) continues to be my main roadblock; this is especially true now that game graphics are well beyond the 8/16-bit era. I have made a few incomplete games in the RPG Maker, but I have never fully finished the games since I had no plans of releasing them. They were mostly school projects or something I would do while I was bored in the evenings. 

Since 2016, I have thoroughly been enjoying board games and have provided some input on a handful of board and roleplay games. I have been an official playtester and proofreader for a few games; I also reviewed dozens of games and have provided some feedback to some game's publisher based on my review.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to have provided feedback to the right designer. I passed along some suggestions to Jon Usiak, the designer of an unreleased game (at that time) called SKEPTICS. The suggestions were mostly geared towards making some rules clearer and getting clarity on the intention of other rules. Jon was very open to my suggestions and wanted to jump onto a phone call to discuss the game further. Three years later, we released SKEPTICS together on Kickstarter with myself in the lead editor and business lead roles. I am currently working on a spin-off card game set in the SKEPTICS universe while Jon is focusing on the next major expansion for the SKEPTICS board game.  


Playtest/Proofreading Feedback provided to: 

Aetherium: The Roleplaying Game - Anvil Eight Games (Playtester/Proofreader)

Smash Up: Culture Shock - Alderac Entertainment Group (Playtester)

Smash Up: Marvel - Alderac Entertainment Group (Playtester)

Goblin Teeth - Jellybean Games (Proofreader)

Skeptics - Usiak Games and Designs (Playtester, Lead Editor)

Vivid Memories - Floodgate Games (Playtester)

Cartouche Cartouche - Coffeebean Games (Proofreader/Playtester)

Sunshine City - Coffeebean Games (Playtester)